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23.03.2014 17:28, Brenda Meda from AZ :
This book seems very inspirational and I really like the cover :)

23.03.2014 17:27, Elmer :
Meeting people as a technical support representative is always brief and short due to the nature of the job. The job is dull and monotonous- that's the truth about it. However, there are just certain people you meet that quite shines out of the rest and makes a lasting impression. I will never forget her because of the positive energy she gives off. And yes, Jaime made that lasting impression to me even though we were talking over the phone ( thousand of miles away) while she's crawling under the desk to check the cables of her router and unplugging/ plugging in power adapters. Her laugh is so infectious in a way I can't really explain. She is a constant reminder that we are, in one way or another, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, has the power to affect other people.

23.03.2014 17:27, Lisa :
Jaime's book is very interesting so far! Her life is a beautiful testimony to God's grace, and I expect her book to reflect that. I hope that her efforts in putting into words her experience will help many others who have similar struggles. God bless!

23.03.2014 17:25, Eric Lingebach :
This is to all the people Jaime will effect by her Uplifting Spirit, Personality, Laughter, Humor, Knowledge and Lifes Experiences. I feel very blessed to know Jaime, And I know she likes it when I spell her name correctly as well.
I can relate to her in so many aspects of life. I am so looking forward to reading the book, your website is very encouraging and helpful. Take Care and GOD Bless. Eric

23.03.2014 17:19, Gabriella Homepage :
Jaime is an extraordinary person, with so much to offer the world. Her unparalleled heart is a source of inspiration and love to everyone she meets. I'm so proud of you, and I love you, Butterfly!

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Entries: 125
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